August 1780

Battle of Camden – Opening of first Ictus Rift

200 Known Ictus Rifts open.

Approximately 1.5 million deaths


September 1780

Arrival of the Angelics

Closure of the Great Charlotte Ictus Rift


February 1797

Discovery of Ictus Tar Coal


May 1797

Treaty of Montgomery, formation of the U.A.T.


September 1798

Formation of the Order of Angelics


July 1806

Discovery of Ictum Metals


March 1813

Battle of Savannah (United American Territories. vs Empire of Castile)

Battle of Charleston (U.A.T. vs E.O.C.)


April 1813

Battle of Hinesville (U.A.T. vs E.O.C.)

Battle of Crestview (U.A.T. vs E.O.C.)


August 1813

Battle of Augusta (U.A.T. vs E.O.C.)


December 1813

Angelic Mi’Kiheil appears in Miami

Cessation of hostilities between U.A.T. and E.O.C.


March 1815

Construction on the Walls of Boston commences


November 1899

Invention of the Heretic Engine