About Us

We are a small group of artists, nerds and gamers out of Eugene Oregon. We have backgrounds in digital and traditional arts, law, business, mold making, psychology and computer science. Our values are firstly dedication to the player. We will provide the highest quality products for a good value. But more importantly we want to hear from you.  You are the most important part of our business, and if there is something we can do better we want to know.

We are dedicated to our employees. We want to provide a livable wage to all our employees, from our digital artists to our workers on the production floor. As our business grows we will incorporate a profit sharing system, because we believe our employees have a stake in this business and they deserve the rewards of their hard work.

We are dedicated to our community. We give top priority to purchasing materials from local companies, and try to buy exclusively made in the USA products. Furthermore a percentage of our profits will be reinvested in our community to support programs that encourage play and the arts.